10-Year-Old Bullied, Refused Candy While Wearing Dodgers Halloween Costume

111213-HalloweenBullying is terrible, and it is changing the world around you whether you know it or not, even depriving a child of a Happy Halloween and filling it with plenty of tricks rather than treats.

Ten-year-old Victoria Rosales of Sonoma, Calif. dressed up as a Dodgers baseball player for Halloween since she is a big fan, but rather than enjoy the day of disguise and receiving candy and gifts, she was the victim of insult and held in question.

Her mother Monica Rosales took to the Sonoma Index-Tribune seeking to inform others of the incident.

Here is an excerpt of the column she wrote:

So off we go, and there must have been 10 to 15 different houses where grown adults were handing out candy had negative comments about Victoria’s Dodger costume.

Comments like: “Oh come on, Dodgers?,” “Boo Dodgers,” “Oh, why a Dodgers costume?” At the same time, the other kids were getting comments like, “Awww, how cute, nice costume, yay a fairy, aww a little monkey.” But then to Victoria, “Oh come on.” It was sad.

Bullying has been a hot topic as of late, but it’s a lot more than just the Miami Dolphins’ incident between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

Then there’s the Brian Stow beating that was talked about that changed the atmosphere at baseball games.

It even goes beyond fatal fights that claimed the life of Jonathan Denver.

It’s just a game, but when does it go too far?

Victoria was even refused candy. Monica tells about the incident:

I was standing behind Victoria with the baby when the lady just looked at Victoria as she held her candy bag open, and said “I don’t give candy to Dodger’s fans.” I said, “Excuse me?” She then said, “I don’t give candy to Dodger fans. You should know this is Giants territory.”

Rosales has lived in Sonoma her whole life and she told WCB Sports that most of her friends are Giants fans.

“We joke around with each other which is good ol’ fun. But I have been yelled at by passing cars (in Sonoma) when walking because I have a Dodgers shirt on,” Rosales said.

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It almost feels like Monica Rosales has been marked as a gang member stepping into the wrong side of town, and poor Victoria felt the repercussions on a day that is supposed to be filled with glee.

But what will be done about it?

Fans across sports need for this to be a wake up call because it has gone too far already.

How many of you have children Victoria’s age? Little siblings?

Wouldn’t you say that their laughter brings you extended happiness? How about their sorrow? It enrages you, right?

Now imagine being told that your civil liberty to wear whatever you choose was being revoked because a fan of the rival team “didn’t like it.”

Monica lives in Sonoma but her family is from Los Angeles but she will continue to bleed Dodger Blue no matter where she’s at as she proudly represents it.

I pose this challenge to you. Read this excerpt and picture yourself having to tell your child this:

This woman and other adults took away her excitement, and that made me very sad because I always want my children to be proud of what they want and what they believe in. As we left I whispered into her ear, “I love you and I will always be your number one fan.”

Pass this message on to others and do your part in halting bullying.

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