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NBA: Los Angeles Clippers-Media DayMy oh my, am I starting to get excited.

For your average sports fan October is like Christmas. October is like puppies playing in the snow. October is a double cheeseburger with double cheese and bacon.

This is the time of year when it is all good. It is the trifecta of the sports year. Baseball is gearing up for the playoffs. The National Football League is in full effect.

And to put a little bit of whip cream on top of your cherry pie, the NBA starts training camps.

I honestly think Darth Vader could walk up and kick my dog in the face and I would not stop smiling. I would give him a hug and say “force be with you, bro” and skip off whistling zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

If you cannot tell, I love this month.

There is too much to talk about! But for a moment, let’s focus on one of the more compelling storylines of the past few years, the rise of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Has anything ever gone from such lows to such highs in so short of time?

You could always count on the Clippers to let you down. They were that girlfriend that every time you thought you could give her a second chance she would cheat on you. Or accidentally wreck your car. She would apologize and you think maybe things would be alright but she then she loses your cat.

No matter how hard you tried to convince yourself that things would be different, they never were.

Until that time they drafted Blake Griffin.

And now things are looking good.

But he shatters his knee and is out for a season and you realize that this is the Clippers. But then David Stern decides he is going to smite the Lakers and the Clippers get Chris Paul.

You wait for him to get injured, but it doesn’t happen. You think something has to go wrong, but nothing does. And suddenly veterans are coming to your squad.

You go from being sob city to Lob City. The crazy girlfriend went into therapy, got a new haircut, and suddenly she not only looks hot but acts sane.

Life improves. Rapidly.

This is where we are at with the Clippers. Out of nowhere, we are starting to think about when these boys are going to hang a championship banner.

And for the first time it is a legitimate question.

Expectations are sky high for this team.

While my beloved Lakers are looking like getting out of the first round of the playoffs will be reason to have a two-week bender, truth is that the Lob City needs to be competing for the championship for this season to live up to its promise.

Can it happen? Maybe. But there are five things I think we need to look at carefully.