Clippers’ J.J. Redick Thriving as Doc Rivers’ Version of ‘Ray Allen’

When Doc Rivers came to Los Angeles, acquiring J.J. Redick was a top priority.

A pure shooter like Redick, Rivers coached Ray Allen in Boston for five years. He was a key part to the Celtics offense, providing floor spacing for players like Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo to create.

Redick does exactly that with the Clippers.

Allen’s second season with Rivers and Redick’s current one are surprisingly similar.

Redick Clippers ’13-14 5.9 12.1 48.8% 2.3 5.7 40.4% 3.0 3.2 93.8% 2.5 2.3 17.1
Allen Celtics ’08-09 6.3 13.2 48.0% 2.5 6.2 40.9% 3.0 3.2 95.2% 3.5 2.8 18.2



Their overall shot attempts are almost identical at 21.0 for Redick 22.6 for Allen.

Almost all of Redick’s stats are up compared to his last season in Orlando, even though he played more minutes. Similarly, Allen’s field goal percentage went up by as much as five percent in his time with Rivers.

Allen is clearly the better player. He’s a 10-time All-Star who can create off the dribble and finish at the rim, in addition to his shooting skill. In Rivers’ system he accepted a reduced role, primarily coming off screens with a catch-and-shoot mentality. From 2010 to 2012, 33 percent of Allen’s shot attempts were off screens and 19 percent were spot-up shots, according to Synergy Sports.

Redick wasn’t a star before joining the Clippers and has a similar role to the one he had with the Magic. He currently averages 4.3 catch-and-shoot three-point attempts per game. Playing with a pass-first guard like Chris Paul, Redick coming off a hard screen from Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan will almost certainly guarantee him the ball. Griffin is also a willing passer when he is double teamed down low and can find Redick waiting on three-point line.

Redick’s defender can’t leave him open because of his shooting touch, giving players like Paul and Jamal Crawford space to drive to the basket; the same space that Allen gave the Celtics in their championship runs.

The Los Angeles Clippers are poised for a deep playoff run this year and J.J. Redick is a vital part. If he keeps it up and is as clutch as Ray Allen has been in the postseason, expect to see the Clippers in the NBA Finals.

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