GM Survey: Who is the Toughest Player in the NBA?

102313-KobeKobe Bryant came out on top when general managers were asked who the toughest player in the NBA is, with David West coming in second and a three way tie for third between Nick Collison, Kenneth Faried and Kevin Garnett.

Any NBA fan has seen Kobe fight through his fair share of injuries and we have even seen him go outside of the United States to receive experimental treatment on his knees in Germany.

Here is the full chart and you can see who else received votes:

,Player,Team,Pct. of Votes Received
1,Kobe Bryant,Lakers,31.0
2,David West,Indiana,13.8
T-3,Nick Collison,Oklahoma City,6.9
T-3,Kenneth Faried,Denver,6.9
T-3,Kevin Garnett,Brooklyn,6.9

Also receiving votes: Tony Allen, Grizzlies; Matt Barnes, Clippers; Reggie Evans, Nets; Udonis Haslem, Heat; LeBron James, Heat; Kawhi Leonard, Spurs; Chris Paul, Clippers; Nikola Pekovic, Timberwolves; Zach Randolph, Grizzlies; Metta World Peace, Knicks

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