Lakers News: Magic Johnson Applauds Doc Rivers For Banner Covering

It seems that every day there’s an update to the bannergate story. If you’ve been living on the moon recently, here’s the gist of things: Doc Rivers, who used to coach the Celtics but now coaches the Clippers (who play in L.A. or something) decided to cover up the Lakers’ championship banners and retired jerseys during Clipper home games. Because the Clippers and Lakers play in the same arena. So, since then, everybody has made a big deal out of whether it’s disrespectful or classless or gamesmanship or whatever.

So there. Now you’re all caught up.

Now, a man who is responsible for five of those banners in the Staples rafters has stated that he has no problem with Rivers covering up those banners during Clipper games.




Well, there you have it. If it doesn’t bother Magic, it shouldn’t bother Laker fans. Right?

In reality, all this is is a fantastic story as we get closer to Lakers vs. Clippers on opening night next Tuesday. With the Clippers clearly emerging in the Pacific Division and the Lakers seemingly on a downslide, this could be the year that the Clips add some laundry of their own in the rafters.

But I doubt it.

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