Lakers News: Team Denies Steve Nash is Considering Retirement

Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash has suffered with injuries ever since joining the team. The 39-year-old has not been able to move freely all year, and thus has been rumored to be considering retirement.

However, according to Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni, Nash is attempting to return to the court, per Ramona Shelburne of ESPN LA:

Shelburne also reports that Nash will do “everything he can to come back”:

Nash was a model of consistency previously in his career. He missed a total of 37 games in his eight years playing with Phoenix. Already, in his short time with the Lakers, he surpassed this figure when the Lakers played the Detroit Pistons on Sunday.

This trend looks as if it will continue, as Nash is certainly not getting younger. If he does choose to play on, the Lakers would be forced to pay the remaining $19 million on his contract over the next two years. Alternatively, they could use the stretch provision, which would result in only $3 million of Nash’s contract counting on the salary cap.

It’s a terrible thing to say about a legend of the game, but the best possible outcome for the Lakers organization may be for Nash to retire. It will ease cap pressure for next year, freeing up room for free agent signings. Whatever happens, the NBA will be intrigued to see how Nash finishes his illustrious career.

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