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Lakers Rumors: Is Pau Gasol Going To Be Traded?

Jonathan Garza Jonathan Garza Story last updated: at 11:43 am

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Pau Gasol could be on his way to a new team as the Los Angeles Lakers are seemingly being forced to explore trade options as the Spaniard plays out the final year of his contract.

121413-GasolGasol, 33, is scoring 14.4 points/game, with 9.4 rebounds/game and 3.0 assists/game. While the rebounds and assists are in line with his career numbers, he is scoring just under four points/game less than his career mark of 18.3.

His is making $19,285,850 and could help a contending team solidify its championship hopes, and also bring back valuable rebuilding pieces for the Lakers.

As for Gasol, he’d like to play for a team that will pay him well and offer the potential of winning another championship.

Deals that have been suggested surround one for Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks, and another for Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls.