Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash Considering Retirement

Lakers guard Steve Nash has been suffering this year with a variety of injuries, stemming from his clash with Damian Lillard last season. Nash, who turns 40 in February, is rumored to be considering retirement, per Peter Vescey:

111913 Nash 300x300 Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash Considering RetirementThis is likely to be the first of many ‘reports’ about Nash retiring. It’s to be expected in regard to an injured veteran that is due a lot of unpaid money.

Nash retiring may ultimately be the best thing for the Lakers as they will shed his large contract. As good as he has been in the past, Nash is basically limited to spot-up shooting as his only effective ploy on the court. That is simply not worth over $9 million/year, especially given his porous defense.

Although it will be sad to see a legend of the game, and sure-fire hall of famer retire, it may be necessary. Nash is a team-first type of guy, and if he feels he cannot help the team, I would expect him to step out of the league and retire.

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 Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash Considering Retirement

Craig Freeman

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