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110813-BlakeIn what is sure to be a memorable game for the near future, the Los Angeles Lakers moved to .500 on the season with a 99-98 win, thanks in part to Steve Blake, who hit the game-winning three pointer with 1.3 seconds left to go.

It also helped that the Lakers went to the “Hack-an-insert bad free throw shooter’s name” strategy, and it paid off as Dwight went only 1-6 from the charity stripe in the last 2:17 of the game.

Some notes from the game:

  • James Harden managed to lead all scorers with 35 points, but it must have helped to head to the foul line 16 times
  • The Lakers started off red hot from behind the arc but settled down and still ended the game at 16-35 for a very impressive 45.7 percent
  • Houston managed to go to the line 52 times, compared to the Lakers’ 15. It was to be expected but the fact that they could survive with such a drastic difference is a great sign

After this previous season and last summer I think it’s safe to say the Laker faithful wanted to see this game go into the record books as a W, and to see Dwight choke from the stripe to end it as well.