NBA News: Michael Jordan Picks Top Pickup Team, Names Favorite Dunk

111413-JordanIn a promo for “NBA 2K14″ former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan selected former teammate Scottie Pippen, Los Angeles Lakers James Worthy and Magic Johnson and Houston Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon as his teammates for a pickup game, also picking his favorite dunk ever.

“I(‘ve) got no chance of losing. None at all,” Jordan said in the video.

Jordan has posterized many players in his day, but his slam on New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing in the 1991 NBA playoffs is one he thinks about “very, very often.”

“I told him, Georgetown guys don’t block shots, they take charges,” Jordan said on the video. “I dunked it on him so hard it was unbelievable. Every time I see him, that’s the first thing I remind him of.”

That still sends chills down my spine every time I see it.

Your move, LeBron James?

Would this team be unbeatable?

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