NBA Preseason Power Rankings: Who Can Stop The Heat?

100513-LeBronOctober is here, and so is NBA basketball, and the speculation is rampant and it is apparent that basketball fans are waiting in anticipation as the season nears its start.

A lot of noise echoed throughout the off-season for most teams as marquee coaches and players were dealt; franchises tore down their rosters to start anew.

The 76ers and the Celtics are two teams that have crippled their roster in order to try and attain a powerhouse player in a superstar-infested 2014 off-season, in addition to tanking the entirety of the season in order to to receive a high lottery pick for a stacked draft next season.

Oh, it’s true, Danny Ainge, you’re ‘Riggin’ for Wiggins,’ and you know it. I make reference to Andrew Wiggins of course, who is projected to be the top pick in next June’s NBA Draft.

Superstars such as Brandon Jennings and Jrue Holiday, have been dealt left and right in surprising fashion this off-season, while others have returned to former teams, like Michael Beasley and Mike Miller, and ultimately others have decided to leave teams off their own accord.

Yes, Dwight Howard, we’re talking about you.

As players have yet to truly showcase their interactions and cohesiveness with one another in on-court action, it is difficult to gauge where teams truly rank among the 30 teams in the NBA.

As time passes, one will get a better feel for how teams truly rank, but for now, here are the preseasons power rankings for the NBA season.

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