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What's This?

“Basketball is my favorite sport.
I like the way they dribble up and down the court.”
Kurtis Blow

My favorite sport is here and the only way I could be happier is if I was taking a yoga class and J-Lo was on the mat in front of me.

This is a high level of happiness I am bringing to the table. I haven’t been this happy since McDonald’s had two McRibs for $2. It is like there was a knock on my door, I open it, and Jesus is standing with Santa Claus, they’re holding some cases of Sam Adams, and they want me to head out to the driving range with them for a couple of hours.

If you can’t tell, I am happy.

To celebrate, let’s crack open a case of Western Conference Rankings, based solely on what I know about the team moves during the preseason and my own gut feelings.

To make life manageable for the reader and the writer, we are limiting this to the top five teams. And since I am not into the whole “wait and see” thing, I am starting at the top and working my way down.

It’s how I eat my ice cream and it is how I set up my rankings.

1. San Antonio Spurs

100713-Duncan    At this point I am not unconvinced that Tim Duncan might not be human. I tried to add up all those negatives, but the math required is beyond me. The point is that Duncan just might have been created in the future and sent back in time to be a basketball Terminator.

The man is a machine.

Every year I think the Spurs are done and every year Tim Duncan makes me look like a fool. I get that enough in my life. It is time to stop. The Spurs are an elite team that has just never had the luck and breaks to win the string of titles they deserve.

Has there been a team that has been in the mix longer? Has there been any player that single-handedly changed the face of a franchise like Tim Duncan?


You can make the argument that he is the best player of his generation, and yes, I am looking at you Mamba.

Look. The Spurs almost beat the best team in the NBA. And as far as I am concerned, they got better. They have an elite coach. They have an elite system. They are built to win seven game series and this is what counts in the playoffs.

There is a caveat. At this point, I am not sold on Ginobili. He is the Toni Kukoc of this bunch.

A bona fide superstar coming off the bench is not an easy thing to replace. In fact the only thing harder than replacing a player like that is dealing with him on the decline. I thought Ginobili was inconsistent and at times a liability in the Finals. It happens to everyone. Was it bad timing or was it just time catching up? I’m not sure.

Regardless, Until someone proves otherwise, the Spurs are the best in the west.