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The first month of the NFL season is now in the books. There have been many surprising starts and many surprising disappointments as well. From undefeated teams to winless teams, it has been a great start the year.

But now, it’s time to look forward with the second quarter of the football season. With that being said, here are the top 5 things to look out for in this upcoming Week 5:

1. Can Brian Hoyer and the Browns do it again?

100313-HoyerEveryone said the Browns were already giving up on their season, throwing the towel in just the second week of the season. It was time to look forward for the 2014 season in Cleveland.

After all that, no one expected for them to win their next two games.

The Browns have surprised everybody.

Brian Hoyer has emerged as a star in the city of Cleveland. But will it continue to shine? Or is he just another quarterback that will come and go for the Browns?

His next task will be a trip to Buffalo to take on rookie QB EJ Manuel and his 2-2 Bills. If Hoyer can lead the Browns to yet another win, then maybe it would be time to keep an eye out on them.

  • iJonathanGarza

    Personally I think that the Colts are better than advertised, and could very well upset the Seahawks.