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121313-CousinsWhat a crazy week of football we had in week 14. From late comebacks, to snowy conditions, week 14 did not disappoint. Now, it’s time to get ready for week 15. Sadly, just three weeks of the regular season is left. So let’s enjoy these next remaining weeks by sitting down and watching some great football action.

With that, I bring you Week 15’s top five things to look out for:

1. Turmoil in D.C.

The Washington Redskins’ franchise doesn’t look all too pretty at the moment. A disappointing record, coach, and quarterback. That is surely not the formula for success in the NFL. Now, their franchise quarterback, Robert Griffin III will not play this week, and won’t probably see anymore action at all for the remainder of the season. Many people disagree with that decision, but it is what it is, and it’s unfortunate for Griffin.

Kirk Cousins will take over and will start against the 3-10 Atlanta Falcons, another team that has just disappointed. Cousins needs to go out and show that he can play and at least lead his team to a victory or two before the season ends. If not, then more fans will be disappointed with the decision to shut RG III down.

2. Will the Seahawks bounce back?

Last week, the San Fransisco 49ers handed the Seattle Seahawks just their second loss of the year. That was after the Seahawks demolished the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night football. Now, they will look to bounce back, traveling to New York to face the Giants. The New York Giants are currently at 5-8, after starting the season 0-6. The Seahawks are looking to get back into the winning column and do not want to drop this game, and go down to 11-3. They want to make sure they get home-field advantage for the playoffs, and secure it as soon as possible.

3. How will Carolina bounce back?

The Carolina Panthers were the hottest football team on the planet. That was, before they played Drew Brees and the Saints. They hosed down the fire the Panthers were on with a 31-13 victory. Now, they will look to get right back up on their feet when they host the New York Jets. They are not the Saints, so the Panthers should have less trouble against them. However, remember that this is the National Football League, where any given team can upend another. If the Panthers fall asleep in this one, then they will suddenly be at just 9-5. It will be interesting to see how they come back after a tough loss.

4. Will the Cowboys bounce back as well?

A tough, embarrassing loss for the Dallas Cowboys on the Monday Night stage. A 45-28 beat down against the Chicago Bears, in freezing temperatures. Yeah, it wasn’t a good day at the office for Tony Romo and company. Of course, he does have a terrible record in December, that carries on through January. If he wants him and his team to make the playoffs, then they must win out, with the Philadelphia Eagles right by them for the NFC East crown. A win over the Green Bay Packers at home will surely help them out. I don’t think they can afford to lose this game.

5. Can the Arizona Cardinals keep on pace?

No one saw the Arizona Cardinals making a push for the playoffs when the season began. But here they are. Just one little game behind the 49ers, for that 6th playoff spot. They too must win out, in order to have a chance to take it. If not, if they have one little slip-up, then more likely than not, there would go their playoff chances. This week, they take on the Tennessee Titans. Though they are 5-8, they can still be a pretty tough matchup. Arizona needs to play their butts off, for these remaining three weeks. If they do, then it will be quite possible they will steal that final playoff spot.

There you have it folks. Week 15’s top five things to look out for. May you have a good weekend of football action and if your fantasy teams are still alive, then I wish you good luck.