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What's This?

The Los Angeles Clippers have recently been hit with an influx of injuries. These have left a gaping hole at either wing position. Coach Doc Rivers has admitted that the team may need to look to add players in order to fill the void.

Marc Stein of ESPN reports that former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson could be signed by the Clippers:

Stein also states that Jackson has been staying in shape:

There’s no doubting Jackson’s talent. He’s a strong small forward who has range on his jump shot. This is precisely the type of player the Clippers need. However, Jackson’s weakness has never been his talent. Its the problems that occur above his shoulders that costs his team wins.

If Doc Rivers can reign in Jackson’s free wheeling style and ensure discipline, then the Clippers would benefit from this signing. However, Jackson could just as easily become a distraction to the team and cost them countless games.