Should The Los Angeles Lakers Tank For A Draft Lottery Pick?

1214-LakersShould the Los Angeles Lakers tank?

If you surveyed 100 Lakers fans, the results would probably be split. First, let me start off by asking what tanking exactly means. Losing on purpose? Losing now to win later?

Imagine L.A. down three points in front of the Lakers faithful at the Staples Center with a few seconds left, do fans really want D’Antoni to draw up a three point shot to Robert Sacre over Nick Young?


Tanking shouldn’t even be as accepted as it is in this league due to pride. Grown men, professional athletes who have endured grueling offseason workouts for the season, are stepping out on the floor each night making millions, to lose a game on purpose?

You’re kidding me, sounds like the Chicago Black Sox of 1919.

Next question, for what? To be in the draft lottery? Breaking news, the Lakers aren’t getting Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins or Julius Randle in the draft unless they send away valuable assets to trade up.

Who else is there?


Also, do you honestly think Kobe would allow that? No way. Even if he’s not playing, not a chance he lets that happen. He is dedicated to winning and simply wouldn’t accept “tanking”.

Why are fans quitting on their team so early? Sitting at 13-19 (not even 40 percent into the season), the Lakers are only six games out of the 8-seed in the Western Conference.

Sure, this isn’t up to Laker standards, but keep in mind they had to resort to Kendall Marshall due to the lack of active true point guards, and obviously without the head honcho in LA, Kobe. Six games. When Kobe comes back along with Jordan Farmar, Steve Blake and Steve Nash, this team could be a threat.

So why tank?

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