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100513-KrystowiakLarry Krystowiak is a force to be reckoned with on the campus of Utah, and he showed it in stopping two separate crime incidents last week.

First the Utah men’s basketball head coach stopped an alleged bike thief last Saturday, then Tuesday led a hunt to grab a suspect that collected thousands of dollars worth of video equipment and gear from the Utah athletic offices.

Equipment and computers were stolen two weeks away from the basketball offices. The baseball offices were also hit. An attempt on the swim offices was made.

Jarred DuBois, a former player for Krystowiak, saw a suspicious person with gloves and a huge back pack, which led the coach to instruct his players to snap a photo if they were to spot the suspect once more.

That photo would be taken after a volleyball match.

Tuesday Krystowiak was alerted by assistant track coach Burke Bockman that the suspect was seen in the parking lot, which led to a pursuit.

Unsure if the suspect was armed or not, they chased.

Upon arriving, Krystowiak found the suspect cuffed and in a police car, wearing a New Jersey Nets back pack and NBA socks stolen from the Utah basketball offices.

The suspect was allegedly staying in a nearby hotel and had several thousand dollars worth of stolen goods, ready to sell them on CraigsList.