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If you haven’t seen it this YouTube video it’s a must watch, especially if you are a Lakers fan or someone that just generally doesn’t like Dwight Howard. Michael Rapaport was the guest on SportsNation and decided it was the day that someone goes in on Dwight, and he doesn’t hold back.

Sitting here listening to this video a few times, over and over I was, and still am trying to grasp this petty little crying that is coming from Dwight about the fact that the Magic traded for Tobias Harris in February from the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic had no qualms with letting him wear the number 12. Now watching Dwight all of last year I can tell you anytime he says that he is a “little upset” about something it’s for sure something that is bugging him much more than he is letting on.

Now Dwight has a case to be mad, he did leave the Orlando Magic as the all-time leader in many categories like:

• Minutes played
• Total Rebounds
• Blocked Shots
• Points
• Free Throws made and attempted

But like Rapaport says, you can’t expect to be the leader, the big man, the man down low, and be a little girl. He said some harsh, honest truths, and you can’t let Dwight slide, and he acted like a child or as Michael put it, “a big girl.”

So if you are an Orlando Magic fan, most likely you have seen Dwight do some great things, explode for a 20/20 game, swat a shot into the fourth row, or one of countless other feats he accomplished in Orlando. But a lot of that was negated by the way he left Orlando, by his actions, signing the waiver for the extra year that he never wanted to sign and saying he felt pressured into signing it. All in all he did some remarkable things, he got took them to the NBA Finals in 2009 being at the top of the list, but in this case his words spoke louder than his actions and that’s all anyone will remember.