Why The Warriors’ Stephen Curry Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA

121313-CurryStephen Curry is the epitome of the coveted “once in a generation player” expression. Despite breaking countless records at his high school in North Carolina, Curry didn’t receive a single offer from a major conference school. So, he went to Davidson University, playing for a team that previously hadn’t won a NCAA tournament game since 1969, and the rest was history.
Curry went on to lead the Wildcats to the Elite Eight his sophomore year, and became the first to score 30+ points in his first four tournament games. Even then, people were skeptical of his abilities and questioned how well his game would translate into the faster-paced NBA setting.
He was deemed a “shooter” and resembled Jimmer Fredette when he declared for the draft two years later. Remember Jimmer? Me either. While both are excellent shooters, Curry developed into a more of a true point guard and has all the skills in his arsenal: passing, decision making and shooting.
This advancement in skill can likely be credited to Curry’s decision to return to Davidson for his junior year.
Now, think about it. Steph was coming off arguably one of the best NCAA seasons ever, and he decided not to enter the draft. He wisely decided to stay at the college level one more year to enhance the collective skills previously mentioned of a point guard. He decided not to sign a lucrative contract and jump into the luxurious life of an NBA player to sweat it out one more year at Davidson.
Patience paid off.
Fast forward to present day, and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.
Last year in the 2012-13 season, he set the all-time NBA record for most three-pointers in a season (272), averaged 23 points a game, and still managed to dish 7 assists per contest. In the summer prior to the season, Curry signed a 4-year/$44 million extension with the Warriors and some people, like myself, think he deserves more.
But, let’s not be greedy.
Shockingly, he didn’t make the Western Conference All-Star team even with all those stats, proving the fans shouldn’t be the ones voting. But that’s a discussion for another day.
I know the West is stacked with talent, but come on.
Not even a third into this season, and Curry is on a tear, average 24 points and 9 assists.
Let me be clear, Steph Curry is currently the best point guard in the NBA.
The only candidates that I’ll even consider dethroning him for are Chris Paul and a healthy Rajon Rondo. The only way I see Steph slowing down is an injury, and with unhealthy knees, that’s a rather unfortunate possibility.
So ice those knees Steph Curry, you could become one of the greats to play this great game.

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